After growing up in Northern Ireland in what was one of the most troubled times in our history I decided to do a little travelling of my own as a young lad. I travelled to New York city and quickly realised this world was a much different and varying place than I had first thought. I scaled the Empire State building and sailed round the Statue of Liberty before I arrived back to the little Island I call Home. Then I decided to pack my bags once more and went wandering through Australia for some wonderful years full of adventure backpacking its coasts and bunking in its amazing rain forests. In the midst of all the travels I always heard Ireland and home calling me back to it’s beautiful green shores. I realised this beautiful land was changing and all for the best. I started my new adventure behind the wheel of a bus and wanted to share with others what all this beautiful place called Ireland and it’s people has to offer. I’ve watched Belfast transform in front of my very eyes and believe everyone should know it’s inspirational story and the North Coast land still to be discovered. I’m passionate about this beautiful part of Ireland that lots of people have never seen. So come join us on the journey of discovery!


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